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General Mills Monday morning reports - easy peasy!

June 21, 2021

General Mills democratizes data and empowers organization with 84.51° Stratum Direct.


General Mills sought to systematically ingest, configure, and deploy 84.51° household-level data in their language, with their aggregations. With so many ways to slice and dice the combine data, they wanted to "Do It Themselves" to power new tools across the organization.


General Mills leveraged 84.51° Stratum Direct, a KPI data feed solution, aggregating millions of rows of shopper data so 84.51° customer intelligence is available in a cloud data warehouse. General Mills connects their internal dashboarding directly to 84.51° data, populating standard weekly reporting on Monday morning without running or exporting a single report.

"It has unlocked more users that are engaged with our performance and the way the consumers are changing and interacting with our brands. It's creating much more thought-provoking conversations about where we go with strategy...We're able to get at the insights faster and... apply them back to our planning, principles, and strategies in a way that we haven't done before."

Jason Resch, Customer Vice President, Kroger Region, General Mills Inc.


Faster, automated reporting has led to more strategic conversations focused on leveraging the insight and impact to accelerate business growth, versus how to pull the data. This is part of a larger initiative to democratize data and empower individuals across General Mills.

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