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Choice Cuts: Quality Grade Segmentation Enables a Deeper Level of Analysis

July 28, 2022

How 84.51° leveraged Custom Segmentations in 84.51° Stratum to understand performance at retail of plant-based meats


Upon initial analysis, Plant Based Meats trips per household had grown 5.7% vs. year ago. This broad insight is important but doesn’t allow for the precision needed to customize actions. Questions remained as to which segments had over and underperformed.


84.51° Stratum Custom Segmentations were leveraged to segment households based on shopping behavior in order to identify growth drivers and areas of opportunity.


Analysis enabled by Custom Segmentations showed not all households are created equally. Custom Segmentations allow you to go deeper, more granular and develop more precise actions. Growth in trips per household were fueled by new households. However Heavy Buyers (defined as those making 4+ trips per year) trips per household had in fact declined 19% versus the prior year. With this known, the category took steps to further understand and address the Heavy Buyer declines to grow the category even further. Without custom segmentations, the category would’ve looked completely healthy.

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