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Understand patient journeys and incentivize improved nutrition and health

84.51° believes in helping people live healthier lives by simplifying and personalizing healthcare.

Traditional healthcare data such as medical/pharmacy claims, lab results and electronic medical records provides a solid snapshot of patients within the walls of a healthcare facility. But what about everyday life? Imagine linking the grocery carts of patients with their healthcare data and exploring how diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, OTC purchases or even food insecurity really impact their journeys.

Predictive Referral Engine

Identifies hidden patient health risks across various diseases and clinical events, then recommends appropriate action for each patient. Armed with this intelligence, healthcare organizations can improve quality, cost and the overall patient experience.

  • Leverage unique data to understand medical and lifestyle profiles, health risks and most impactful interventions to improve health outcomes
  • Workflow integrations enable seamless activation with relevant clinical (e.g. medication adherence) and non-clinical (e.g. food as medicine) interventions
  • Integrations with Kroger Health pharmacy and retail clinic patient services as well as third party solution providers
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Nudge Suite

Our Nutrition Nudge Suite APIs are the personalized incentive your members need to improve nutrition and health.

  • Household nutrition score tracking based on passively collected purchase history
  • Product-level scoring system guides user to healthier choices over time
  • Financial incentives: coupons, on-sale products, add-to-cart
  • Nudges integrate with existing digital experiences (apps, websites) via API

Precision Health Media

Drive Rx and OTC lift through precision direct-to-consumer media executions.

  • Uses unique purchasing insights, linked clinical datasets and machine learning to serve and optimize communications across multiple digital channels/publishers (including Addressable TV)
  • Fully HIPAA-compliant and privacy-safe
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The power to impact health

1 of 2 US households Longitudinal data insights from more than 60 million households’ purchasing patterns

HIPAA compliance HIPAA compliant activations to improve patient outcomes and impact relevant lifestyle behaviors

Making data actionable to grow your business

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