The missing link in healthcare data

About us

With less than 1% of a patient’s time being spent in a traditional health system environment, 84.51° HEALTH provides the missing link needed to fully unlock and understand the patient journey.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kroger company, 84.51° HEALTH offers a unique data asset coupled with best-in-class data science and consulting  along with sophisticated & proprietary tools to understand the customer longitudinally.

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Our solutions driving your insights

Kroger data, powered by 84.51°  HEALTH, can be licensed for independent analytical purposes or leverage best-in-class data science and consulting to re-formulate brand strategies and employ new communication strategies to reach new patients with hyper relevant messaging.

With access to 400+ food, drug and merchandise categories, customer segmentations and 1,000+ combinations of product attributes no question is left unanswered about your patients.


Case Study: Smoking Cessation

Background: A leading life sciences company was interested in learning about the personas of patients “on the brink” of beginning their smoking cessation journey via either OTC or prescription product aids.

The company did not want an additional profile of current patients as they claimed to be “up to their ears” with that type of information.

Methodology: 84.51° leveraged the longitudinality and granularity of its HIPAA-compliant linked Grocery and Pharmacy data asset combined with best-in-class data science to develop a predictive algorithm to identify “next-gen” smoking cessation patients.

Results: This novel approach identified unique characteristics of near-term future smoking cessation patients; specifically, our partner embedded these differentiated insights into their strategic planning and refined their targeting approach for DTC efforts.

Case Study: Diabetes Patients

Background: A leading company within the diabetes space sought to understand how they can more effectively support patients with diabetes as they migrate through their patient journey.  Previously the insights they were able to leverage consisted only of APLD healthcare data and disparate, high-grain consumer data.

Methodology: 84.51° leveraged the extensive longitudinality and low-grain of its HIPAA-compliant linked Grocery and Pharmacy data in conjunction with leading-edge data science and healthcare expertise to identify “gaps” in how patients were holistically managing their diabetes.

Results: The 84.51° team was able to pinpoint three specific and concrete patient engagement opportunities the company could offer to more effectively assist patients navigate their condition while also growing its patient acquisition and retention efforts.