The People

We believe that people are the key to everything.

Our most valuable assets are the people that fill the building with energy—that involves a powerhouse of more than 700 talented and fearless associates.

We excel at challenging convention and pushing beyond the limits of what’s comfortable with our fearless hearts and limitless minds. Our goal is a relentless customer-first commitment. We analyze. We challenge. We connect. We are innovators. And what we are achieving is revolutionizing the retail industry. By transforming data into knowledge, we provide our partners a deeper understanding about their customers—who they are and what they are about.

We take our business seriously, but not ourselves. We genuinely have fun during (and after) work, and we thrive in an environment where every opinion is valued and contrary thinking is encouraged.

“It’s hard to complain about anything when you work in probably the coolest building in Cincinnati and maybe even the Midwest.”

The Culture

We challenge the status quo. We’re always learning more. Always doing more.