The Name

Curious. Flexible. Limitless.

"We want everything we do — every decision we make — to be about the customer and what that person wants. 84.51° gives us the freedom to revolutionize retail by focusing everything we do on each individual customer."

Stuart Aitken, CEO

Looking to the Stars

Historically, finding your way meant looking to the stars — navigating by points in the sky. It was pioneered by great minds like Galileo and Edmond Halley. It took deep knowledge in complex science to find a precise location.

The Longitudinal Curve

84.51° represents the longitude of our new headquarters at 5th and Race streets. The name speaks to our regular practice of studying behavior over a long arc of time — like a longitudinal curve.

The Long View

Taking the long view means we continue to look at data analytics in a way that is always relevant to the ever-changing customer.

Making Lives Easier

The name doesn't limit us to just one reality. It allows us to be curious and flexible to move in the direction of customers — where, when, and how it matters most to them to make their lives easier.

More Than a Number

Our name is as unique as we are. We like the fact that the name is actually a number, because it's our incredibly talented people who transform numbers and complex data into knowledge for our customers every day.

Looking Forward

84.51° is all about exploration, innovation, and a very bright future for all of us.

Our name, 84.51°, represents the longitude of our new headquarters at 5th and Race streets in Cincinnati, Ohio. Finding a way to determine longitude took centuries and involved some of the greatest scientific minds (like Galileo and Edmond "ask-me-about-comets" Halley). We embrace that same explorer mindset, seeking deep knowledge to bring about clarity.

Our unorthodox name not only reflects a maverick culture, but is also an explorer’s nod to our headquarters’ longitudinal location. Because like a longitudinal curve, our advanced analytics follow a long arc of time and customer behavior to reveal the wants, needs, and desires concealed in customer behavior.

By taking a longitudinal, long-term approach to data analytics, we can understand the customer better than anyone — giving them what’s important to them, when, and how they want to receive it.

The People

Our most valuable assets are the people that fill the building with energy. At 84.51°, people are the key to everything.