We change our partners forever.

We challenge our partners to see every decision through its impact on the customer.

Over the past 11 years, we have helped Kroger in stimulating 45 straight quarters of same-store sales growth and a 94% increase in customer loyalty.

Understanding the customer and focusing on their needs in an effort to make their lives easier allows us to create better experiences with them — in-store and online.

By equipping our partners with a sustainable customer engagement model, we help them fundamentally shift their focus and ways of working.

When is a mailer not just a mailer? When you get something out of it. When it makes sense why you are receiving it. When it is helpful to you.

So said differently, rewarding and relevant communications can be used to make people’s lives easier.

We have revolutionized customer communications — offering relevant content and personalized offers. The Kroger communications program has achieved response rates of over 60% — which is virtually unheard of.

We have used customer science to create integrated and relevant communications that are helpful to customers and make sense, using the most effective and engaging channels.

We have helped make customers lives easier while also growing customer loyalty and sales.

While both delicious, organic rice flour and beef jerky are found in less 1% of all shopping baskets. This is one of the many reasons why you won’t find them sitting on the shelf right next to each other. Because an organic rice flour/beef jerky row or end cap is neither intuitive nor particularly helpful.

We continually work to improve the customer shopping experience. This means looking at every category, every day, using all data available to make strategic decisions and develop insight-led strategies that make people’s lives easier. So customers can find what they want and need, understand promotions, and have a positive shopping experience.

What can we solve for? We partner to embed innovation into the work plan. Innovation should be a focus, not a side project. The charge is to innovate in a meaningful way.

By analyzing the data, asking the right questions, and seeking to build richer and more immediate insights into what customers feel and think, we continue to build new capabilities, launch new innovation projects, and find relevant solutions. Always with a purpose.

These insight-led strategies both benefit the customer as well as accelerate sales and growth.

We create better experiences.

Our Retail Partners

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We seek to understand what matters most to customers. Then we give it to them.

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