CPG Cross-Channel Measurement: Maximizing Marketing Knowledge for Optimized Consumer Relevancy

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are some of the leading media spenders in all of advertising, both globally and nationally. Thirty-one of the top 100 advertisers in 2015 were CPG companies. However, they are at a disadvantage compared to advertisers in many other industries; while they have large budgets to leverage what ad tech has to offer, a majority of their sales transactions are completed offline. Therefore many of the real-time data metrics and connections that can enhance and maximize their media strategy, are diminished. Discover how 84.51° seamlessly quantifies the impact of a variety of media types including digital display, video, mobile, social, linear TV and addressable TV and uses its cross-channel measurement solutions to provide a quick and accurate understanding of the impact of a single channel in isolation and the interaction and success of multiple channels of media, allowing CPGs to hold media accountable for results.