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MediaPost Brand Marketers Summit-Cross Channel


Jennifer Pelino


August 24 - August 27


Lake Tahoe, CA

Jennifer Pelino, vice president of omnichannel media at 84.51°, will be presenting at the following two panels:

Refining the New Data Oil
Data is the fuel driving the cross channel machine, but how are marketers actively tracking their users across their devices and purchase journeys? With so much data now available the important question we ask is what not to use? And how can marketers begin to build attribution models that really track and allocate investment across channels?

That’s Not The Data You Are Looking For
Data takes discipline. There is so much, of such varying quality, marketers need to filter out the noise and the junk to decide which data really drives business outcomes. How are they doing it? We ask our panel to share what data points are proving to be of less value than ever before. How are they resisting the data the market wants to give them and staying focused on finding, vetting and executing on the consumer information that truly fits their need and maps against the customer journey.