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84.51° Hackathon


September 09 - September 10


84.51° Cincinnati Headquarters

Welcome to our innovation marathon, university students! At the 84.51° hackathon, we hope to inspire your interest in data science and provide an innovative opportunity for you to learn, build and share your work. This year’s theme is “Rocking Out Some Data Science!”

At 84.51º, we believe in making people’s lives easier with data science. For this hackathon, you’ll be working to make lives easier for your target demographic—the music industry. Using public APIs and/or data sets, help problem solve issues that might be present in the music industry. For example:

  • How can you help a musician become famous?
  • Where are the listeners?
  • Which (social) media vehicles work to gain exposure for bands and musicians?

We strive for creativity, so these aren’t the only scenarios to consider. Envision other obstacles in the music industry and code a solution. Visit the link below to register.