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International Women’s Day 2018: A Time to Celebrate and Elevate Women at 84.51° and Beyond

March 8th was a momentous day at 84.51°! What began as a fleeting thought propelled by Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Beth Giglio, quickly gained momentum when Women’s EDGE got involved. Little did Beth know, the work that this passionate group of 200-plus driven leaders would pull off in less than 30 days.

As a leading consumer data sciences and marketing company in Cincinnati, encouraging young women to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers is an important mission. To fulfill that mission and celebrate advances in gender equality within our four walls, 84.51° hosted an International Women’s Day event that engaged, educated, and inspired! The day sparked meaningful conversations between each other and women entrepreneurs about how to cultivate and encourage change for gender equality.

The energy and optimism was palpabe as Women’s EDGE members sported #IWD2018 t-shirts and employees of both genders were encouraged to pose with pro-women-inspired selfie cards, and share personal “My Why” statements that gave visual representation to the inspiration behind the day. Women-led businesses, including Most Valuable Kids, Girls with Pearls, Pet Cakes, Klosterman, and The Farmstand Market Café, set up shop to celebrate and share their successes.

At 84.51°, we believe that real change is led by passionate people who are not afraid to stand and tell their story. This is why we’re proud to provide a platform to give those stories a voice and partner with organizations who share our vision to develop and encourage young women in our local communities and beyond.

“We’ve partnered with Girls with Pearls, a nonprofit that serves underprivileged girls to expose them to all the things they could possibly be in this world. The sky is the limit,” said Women’s EDGE member and enthusiast, Terron Wilson.

We are committed to breaking down barriers to ensure that gender equality is real and woven into the fabric of everythinwe do.

Women’s EDGE is a thriving 84.51° people-led group that started with two associates and has since grown to over 200 members. Founding member, Kim Harris Busdieker, said the inspiration for the group was born out of “a grassroots need to support each other, to educate each other, and to hold each other up.” The group continues to create space to inspire through open dialogue about women’s rights and gender equality at 84.51°.

Our male associates are also an essential part of the progress in our workplace and community. Recently, two of our crew started a chapter of MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) at 84.51°. MARC is committed to “tackling gender and diversity issues, not only at 84.51° but corporations across America and society,” said founding member, Nick Erby.

Joe Puchala said, “We’re looking to be visual and vocal allies for all our employees so they can bring their whole selves to work.” MARC will continue to provide workshops and programs throughout the year to ensure that all people in the workplace have equal footing, and all genders partner alongside each other to drive action and create clear solutions.

The March 8th International Women’s Day event at 84.51° kicked-off our Women’s Month March Takeover, a schedule packed of opportunities to support, encourage, and empower our staff. We are excited and committed to continuing to push boundaries and forge the way for real change. 84.51° will also launch the Power Squad leadership development program in March with The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce to champion and develop our Women of Color leaders.

“Here at 84.51°, we support and develop female leaders of both today and tomorrow. We are particularly proud of 84.51°’s unique role in advancing women as they pursue STEM-based careers. International Women’s Day is the chance to proudly live our deep commitment to gender equality,” said 84.51° CEO, Stuart Aitken.

While International Women’s Day was a day of unity and passion on Thursday, March 8, it’s clear that the excitement and inspiration will continue beyond a single day day – the best is yet to come for 84.51° and women’s achievements.