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Day In The Life: Alexandra S.

In our Day in the Life blog series, we'll follow an associate for one day to share what a typical day in their life at 84.51° is like - from the minute they wake up to when they leave the office.

Hey! My name is Alexandra and I’m an analyst at 84.51°. I live close to downtown Cincinnati in East Walnut Hills with my partner, Kurtis, and our dog, Scruffy. I graduated from Northwestern University with a math/stats degree and recently completed the 84.51° Analyst Development Program. Now I’m an Analyst for the Fresh Merchandising team, which means I use data to help Kroger make the best decisions for departments like Produce, Deli/Bakery, and Meat. This is what a typical day looks like for me.

6:15 AM – I try to get up around this time each day. Kurtis and I make breakfast every morning, and then afterwards we take Scruffy for a walk around the neighborhood. Kurtis and I catch up on what our days will look like and we all get to shake off any lingering sleepiness.

8:00 AM – It’s easy for me to get to work by 8. I only have a 10-minute drive to the office. I help myself to some locally-brewed coffee from Coffee Emporium in the kitchen and then check my email and calendar to plan out what projects I need to focus on today. I also try to keep up with industry news, so I read a digest of grocery/retail headlines from the day before.

10:30 AM – Today I have a meeting to kick off a new project with the Lead Analyst on my team. We need to determine which stores a new product in the Fresh Meat department should be launched in. I enjoy project kick off meetings because we brainstorm and discuss the various methods we could use to address the business questions.

12:00 PM – I packed my lunch (like most days), and since it’s nice out, I head to the balcony on the 7th floor to eat lunch outside with some of my friends. I like getting some fresh air during the day, and there’s always others with the same idea.

1:30 PM – Time for our weekly team meeting! My manager shares updates and announcements for the Analyst team, and we talk about the projects we’re working on.

2:00 PM – I don’t like sitting in the same place all day, so I move my things over to a pod to work while I get started on the new project. I love the pods because I can sit under the skylight and be in the sun while getting a change of scenery.

3:30 PM – When I’m back at my desk I start on a QA project. Whenever a team member finishes a project, someone else goes through all the code to do a quality check and make sure there are no errors. I like getting the chance to learn through reading other people’s code; oftentimes I learn better ways of doing things.

4:15 PM – Today, I end my day a little early to catch the Strength Training class held in the gym on-site. I’m not exactly the most motivated when it comes to fitness, so I’m very glad that there are classes offered every day to help entice me. After class, it’s back home to walk Scruff!