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Day In The Life: Tytus P.

In our Day in the Life blog series, we'll follow an associate for one day to share what a typical day in their life at 84.51° is like - from the minute they wake up to when they leave the office.

Hello, there! My name is Tytus Planck and I’m a recent graduate of The Ohio State University where I received my degree in Computer Science & Engineering. I just started my full-time employment at 84.51˚ as a Developer in the Engineering function. I help develop tools to allow both our clients, internal consultants, and analysts to provide better experiences for customers while shopping at Kroger. This is what a typical day in the office is like for me.

5:00 AM – I know… this is way too early. I love mornings and this routine really helps me have more of a work-life balance! On a normal day, I’ll get a workout in, have a nice cup of coffee, and enjoy the sunrise (this is an actual picture my wife took from our apartment window) before heading out the door. Waking up and getting my day started helps clear my mind and I come into work feeling more alert and ready to start the day.

7:45 AM – I try getting to work early to make sure that I have a good understanding of what I want to accomplish each day. It’s also a great chance to grab breakfast at the Café in the 84.51˚ building and get cup of coffee #2 for the day.

9:30 AM – My team’s morning begins in a “stand-up meeting” where we discuss the work we’ve completed the day prior, as well as what work we’ll be focusing on in the day to come. Our open and honest dialogue at these meetings allow us to be productive each day.

12:00 PM – Today I decided to go to one of the more local restaurants in town called Fusian. It’s a “fast casual” restaurant where you get to create your own sushi with a variety of fresh ingredients. Downtown Cincinnati offers a ton of unique restaurants which allows us to switch up our lunch break routines regularly.

3:30 PM – Today I get to meet with the mentor I was paired with for my internship at 84.51˚ to discuss the technical goals I’m working towards right now. 84.51˚ is full of people who are dedicated to helping and upskilling team members. It’s also a great chance to enjoy one of the side meeting rooms in our building that faces the beautiful city.

4:45 PM – I help teach a local high school drumline on Mondays and Thursdays, so I leave a few minutes early to beat traffic. 84.51˚ allows flex hours which allows me to arrive early so that I can leave before 5, as long as that fits into my team’s schedule. I’m grateful that even as a full-time employee, I still have time to do the things I love.