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84.51° is Making it Easy to be Green

As a wise Kermit the Frog once said: “It’s not easy being green.” But, when you’re at 84.51°, it sure is! Although we celebrated Earth Day on April 22, we proud to be environmentally-conscious year-round. We continue to be an industry leader in office-sustainability advances, and our adoption of The Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiative helps further our efforts. We even have an employee-led sustainability team, The Green Team, that works to bring new and creative sustainability related programs to our offices.

Zero Hunger | Zero Waste

In late 2017, our parent company, The Kroger Company, announced the launch of Zero Hunger | Zero Waste, a comprehensive plan to end hunger in our communities and eliminate food waste in the company by 2025. The plan includes a $10 million innovation fund, accelerrated food donations, an advocacy program for public policy solutions to address community hunger and divert food waste from landfills, and other great efforts. We are inspired by Kroger’s approach to both sustain our planet and help our communities.

Changes in Action

Motivated by what we saw at Kroger, we have enacted multiple green efforts as well. With the help of our Green Team, we’ve introduced the following changes over the past year:

  • Reprogramed our light-occupancy sensors to a shorter amount of time, avoiding lights accidentally being left on.
  • Switched to 100% renewable sources for electricity thoughout the building.
  • Installed low-flow water fixtures throughout the building that decreases water consumption.
  • Offered more vegan and vegetarian options in our office café.
  • Requested vendors to only use paper products when catering our events or meetings.
  • Started a composting pilot program by partnering with GoZERO, a Cincinnati-based effort to divert food waste from landfilling.
  • Switched from plastic to wood coffee stirrers for their compostable properties.
  • Educated all employees on what is and is not recyclable and compostable.

After learning the average American throws away 68 pounds of clothing each year, our Green Team took matters into their owne hands and hosted a textile collection drive to support the City of Cincinnati’s Curbside Textile Recycling Program. In Cincinnati, 10.5% of what Cincinnati residents put in landfills are textiles – totaling 6,564 tons of textile material each year! The textile drive provided the opportunity for our team to bring in any damaged or unwanted clothing, accessories and housewares to be given a brand new life from Rumpke!

Don’t Waste Food

Because of our passion for sustainability and green living, we jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the Greater Cincinnati Earth Day Festival in Blue Ash, Ohio. We especially loved the theme of the festival, Don’t Waste Food, which fully aligned with Zero Hunger | Zero Waste commitments!

“There’s an enormous amount of food waste in general and putting it into landfills just creates unnecessary greenhouse gases,” said Rich Hall in an interview with FOX19. “We think there is a great opporutnity to address that.”

We were thrilled to partner with The Greater Cincinnati Earth Coalition to educate our community about reducing food waste and promoting an overall Earth-friendly lifestyle.